Prospects - Flat Rock/Shelby

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Resource Oil + Gas prospect
Reservoir Bartelsville Field
Initial Working Interest 100%
Area 1.920 acres
Operator Global Oklahoma Production LLC
Reserves approx. 15 m BOE Proven
Production 35 - 40 barrel daily
Infrastructure Complete infrastructure at site







Located in Northern Oklahoma near Tulsa, Osage County, the Flat Rock/Shelby and Gillespie leases are part of the Bartelsville Field that has a long tradition of oil production. 

Both fields currently have a daily production of 35 to 40 barrel of oil and a small amount of gas. The prospect is operated by Global Oklahoma Production LLC that not only comprises an experienced crew but has also a large stock of all necessary equipment to further develop the prospect to increase production.

* BOE - barrel of oil equivalent

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Prospects - Adler


Resource Oil prospect
Reservoir Devonian Reef/Trenton Black River
Area ca. 41,000 acres
Operator Adler Energy LC
Wells 6 wells
Infrastructure Complete oil facilities



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